About Green Hearts Therapy Center

A reknown chain of green Hearts Japan
Green heart therapy center was establish in 2008 is dedicated to provide our guest many types of Thai and Taiwan massage in Nepal. Our therapist trained by the experience Japanese trainer, who got the training from WAT PO (traditional Thai massage school) in Thailand. Their works to enhance well being reduces the physical and mental disease and restore health. Thai massage is one of the world oldest healing arts and yoga. It is uniquely effective for releasing modern day stress and maintaining returning to healthfulness and vitality. By addressing the whole person (body, mind, heart, and sprite) without dynamic physical experience one can become whole again on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is both deeply relaxing and energizing. In the Thai, people believe, we have a line in the body, called SEN which is related in yoga ( NADI) there’re some symptom, which has result in Tsubo , which effect to be a healthy .

Modern science doesn’t believe in SEN because they can’t be seen in our body even you operate. In the mother stomach there is embryo vie placenta. Via placenta human take breath and power food and energy produce, it sends by the embryo in the mother stomach, that root called SEN. That SEN situated in the very very unseen place in the body. So when we press the nubs very hardly, we feel pain but very relief and relax. This ancient therapy is beneficial for young and old active or inactive healthy or not so healthy.

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